2015 review part 3

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BarcelonaSmoothies_BarcaBarcelona_In the beginning of July we went for a Birthday trip to Barcelona to celebrate D <3 So hot but oh-such-a-lovely-city!!

FiremanVärmlandAfter we came back home, we went to visit Mia (who is a Hero in her everyday life – she´s a Fireman! So I kind of wanted to try how it feels…) & then we went to visit my angels on earth, my grandparents in Värmland.

Angelica_smoothiedejtKaffeverket-JamieI was hanging out with my friend Angelica for a couple of smoothie-powerwalking-pepptalking-lunchin´ hangouts!

Sara_SommarJasmine_JamieA lot of nice, happy memories with my loved ones.. Here with Sara & Jasmine ♥

Nelly.comHAPPY MOMENT; When Nelly.com asks you to be an ambassador for a Autumn campaign! ( and I got help from the very best Ella <3 <3 )

SockerdetoxI was invited to celebrate with Filippa on the release of her lovely book Sockeretox! (Here with blogger Karin on the pic.)

outfit_OutfitsA couple of Outfit of the day was taken. One of them, the one in training clothes was shot by Pavel Maira for Rawness..

Two absolutely great things happened in the beginning of autumn- The concept Body Fit was released and I became a Body Fit instructor at Dflex Fitness! AND I was running my first race in my life! I did “Tjejmilen” together with my bestie Ella <3 I ran 10KM around 57 min.. (Thanks to my Cardio Walkings I guess..)


dbrand next is now2DbrandD.Brand had an awesome event where I had the best company in the world..!

Okey, nu är det näst sista inlägget av förra året. SOMMAREN får en och va lite extra lycklig i själen, inte sant? Så är det i alla fall hos mig <3 Härliga sommardagar (& kvällar), härliga häng med mina favorit personer i hela vida världen, powerwalks, träningar, vänner, snygga outfits, sovandes på slott och events. Ja, att jag dessutom har utmanat mig själv under denna perioden med att både bli Body Fit instruktör och att jag sprang en mil är inte så pjåkigt det heller. Det har varit en helt fantastisk sommar med andra ord!
Men så länge man har de bästa människorna runt om sig så är ingenting omöjligt, det vet du va!? Omge dig med människor som är fulla med kärlek, så ska du se att du blommar.. 



Okey, the third and almost last throwback of 2015. SUMMER makes you feel happiness in your soul, isn´t it? In my case, it is <3 Lovely summer days (& nights), great company with the very best people in the world, powerwalks, trainings, friends, nice outfits, sleeping over at a castle and events.. Yes, and I have also challenged myself! I became a Body Fit instructor and i ran 10KM and that´s not bad either. I guess it was a pretty awesome summer!
But as long as you have great people around you, nothing is impossible, you knoww that right?! Surround yourself with people full of love and you will see yourself bloom..


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