2015 review part1

IMG_6324I started the year by meeting some inspiring women. Here above, you have me and Filippa on the opening for Raw Clarity. I also went to a dinner at Sekina Klings house where she inspired me a lot. (Read more about that here). I LOVE POWERWOMANS WHO INSPIRE OTHERS!

IMG_7428Maby one of the best highlights from the year; I went and got an education to become an Intructor! I overcome loads of fears, but I followed my dreams! This pic is from my very first Cardio Walking Class, and I had my great DreamTeam partner with me and also Jaz joined. (Who I got to get to know in the beginning of the year.)

IMG_7252_2I was training a lot togheter with Amanda and Zahra for her finals in the Biggest Loser. We had SO much fun!! Great experience and yes – I miss it <3

IMG_7313Went on a SPA night at Clarion with Mia. Also first time I got to hang out with My favorite teenager Fanny.

IMG_3109IMG_7684I got to spend some quality time with my visiting friends. My American Oreo, Blonnie & My egyptian Cleo, Jaz. (And Yes, this was before Jaz moved here.)

IMG_8010I found both one and two favorite places when it comes to healthy food during the year. This is from Koloni, Bibloteksgatan. Eco friendly food!

IMG_3330IMG_2923The ultimate training concept was off course BikiniFit with David & Molly Rustas! I did at least 2 terms in the beginning of the year..

IMG_7519Highlight number 2; I invested even more in myself and got my PILOXING license!! Tired but oh-so-freaking-happy after that day!

IMG_3480IMG_2106IMG_7196_2IMG_8526_2IMG_6624Long hair don’t care, haha! Miss it <3 I was pretty good with my outfit photos, right? Both regular and training! Which one do you prefer the most? Fashion or Workout?

IMG_8064And I have had so many beautiful memories with friends this year <3 Here with Sara on her Bday..


Hej finisar!
Äntligen MÅNDAG! Så spännande saker som sker i veckan – Iiih! Prova på klasserna bland annat! Du kommer väl?!
Jag tänkte att det är dags att se tillbaka på 2015 för att nu kunna sträcka på mig och blicka framåt och utvecklas ÄNNU mer i år. Ja, för det var något jag verkligen hann med under förra året –  Utveckla. En hel del faktiskt! Jag har haft otroligt roligt och fått underbara minnen <3 Ser fram emot ett minst lika spännande år i år.
Här hade ni i alla fall några bilder från den första tiden på 2015!

Puss så länge!

Hey Beautiful! 
Finally MONDAY again! So many exiting things that will happen this week – Iih! Like the “Try Out” classes – You´re coming right? 
I thought it was time to reflect over 2015 so I started to do a little review from the beginning of the year. I want to look back and get the strength to stand tall for this coming year and do it Even Better. Because I challenged myself loads and this year I will grow even bigger! I am grateful for so many beautiful and nice memories <3 I´m looking forward to have even more from this year. 
Here´s some pics from the first part of 2015, Enjoy!


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