Sa Llotja

Sa Lljota1
This is the last week of July and the beginning of August. I´m so excited!
I want to start the new month great, so I started this week strong! 14 Km of Powerwalking, great planning of this week and motivated like never before to do great stuff.

What is your plans for August? Maby you finally got some vacation? Or you maby start working again? Something big thats happening? Tell me! 

– — – —

The Pictures is from when we were walking in Palma, and we saw this absolutely gorgeous building, Sa Lljota.
Designed by sculptor Guillem Sagrera, and built in the middle of fifteen century, and today it is hosting exhibitions. Sa Lljota has beautiful Gothic architecture and on the main façade you can find, Angel Defensor de la Mercancía, that caught my eye!
So incredible.

NikeAngelSa Lljota2Sa Lljota3
Sporttop; Casall, Shorts & Shoes; Nike . Location; Palma De Mallorca, Sa Llotja.