Beet Juice

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Beet Juice
Fresh pressed Beet Juice as my Pre-workout!

Do you know about the health benefits of the beets?
It´s not only yummy in fresh pressed juices, (combined with carrots and ginger & even some oranges), it is so great for your body too. Beet juice detoxes your liver, helps if you got skin problems and a lot more, but did you know about the benefits for your training? Okey, maby you only can feel the difference if you are an Elit Athlete, but they say that you can boost your performance during exercising with using beets! 

Oh well, I drink it because I love the Raw juices, and it is good to fuel your body with greens. And off course it feels good to get all the healthy benefits while you´re drinking it at the same time your staying Bikini Fit!


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