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Here´s some INSTA MOMENTS, Enjoy!


1. Smooching with my love down at the harbor / 2. Love the oriental floor and having a friday shot ( of course a healthy one) / 3. Lakers fan / 4. Dreaming of palm trees and sunny weather.. Im not the only one huh?


5. TBT, Mini me, 12 years old already back then with model and dancing dreams / 6. Toilet selfie at the gym, feeling strong (Yes, I do take them sometimes..) / 7. Me & my love at Micael Bindefelds release party at F12 / 8. Love those long legs!


9. Lunchdate at Doctor Salad (yummie for my tummy!!) / 10. Walking around in Gamla Stan with my friend / 11. I miss chilling by the poolside.. Do I have to say more? / 12. I just love my power walks (this one in Turkey)

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